Best Printing Practices for the Best Custom Products!

Print This, Not That: Full-Color Printing  If your logo or design contains multiple colors, consider an alternative to spot color printing. Color Vista is a printing process that provides close registration and photo-quality reproduction on non-woven bags. The difference is especially visible with gradations- notice how the Color Vista print pops off the item, whereas […]

Elevate Your Law Firm’s Recruitment Strategy with Custom Promotional Products

In the competitive landscape of legal recruitment, making a lasting impression on prospective associates and summer interns is paramount. The onboarding and recruiting events serve as crucial touchpoints for showcasing your firm’s culture and values. One effective way to enhance these experiences and leave a memorable mark is through the strategic use of custom promotional […]

Elevate Your Golf Season with Branded Promotional Products

Click here to receive our 2024 Golf Tournament Planner and Catalog! As the 2024 golf season kicks off, it’s time to tee up your marketing game with branded promotional products that will make a lasting impression on players and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re hosting a tournament, sponsoring an event, or simply looking to boost brand […]

Second Helping The Social Angle: Seth discusses this Series with an Industry Insider

Seth chatted with Vinny Driscoll; Digital Content Director of ASI, live on The Social Angle podcast. Seth talked about the strategy behind Grill’a Marketing and some of the many opportunities generated from the series. You can view The Social Angle podcast episode in its entirety here. Below is an excerpt from the podcast episode: SETH: […]

Second Helping Episode 3: Charcoal vs. Gas: The Age-old Debate

In this episode of Grill’a Marketing, Seth addresses the age-old debate of charcoal vs. gas. Some clients want to achieve the authenticity and smoky aroma of charcoal. Other clients want the ability to exercise the speed and control only gas can deliver. Charcoal is ideal for low and slow cooking that provides a depth of […]

Second Helping Episode 2: The Right Balance of Flavor for your Marketing Mix

In Episode 2 of Grill’a Marketing. Seth has a soon-to-be delicious opportunity in the form of uncooked chicken tenders. The goal is to produce delicious chicken while getting the greatest ROI from the time and effort he spends preparing it. Two preparation options are available, so Seth analyzes the attributes of each one to determine […]

Need to prepare for 2023? Three consumer macro-trends we’re watching

Red text on grey background. Text reads: "three consumer macro-trends for 2023"

Part of our job at Sonic Promos is to keep up with consumer and retail trends. While we are a business to business sales organization, we need to know what end users want so we can make our recommendations relevant to our clients. The appeal of branded merchandise is that it’s advertising that is seen […]

Viva Magenta! All About Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year

Text: Pantone color of 2023" to the left of a Pantone color chip of Viva Magenta

If you’re a designer or know a designer or work with a designer, you’re probably already familiar with the famous Pantone Color of the Year. If you don’t let me give you a quick overview: Pantone is a company that is responsible for the Pantone Matching System (PMS) used by printers and designers all over […]