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Second Helping Episode 8: The Power of the Brine

In this episode of Grill’a Marketing, Seth explains the significance of designing a marketing plan that allows an audience’s awareness to brine in a brand’s varying forms of messaging. Building brand awareness takes time and requires providing messaging the penetrates deep. When preparing pickle-brined chicken, Seth seals chicken in a pickle jar for a couple of hours. The salts and spices penetrate the chicken like a good marketing strategy’s messaging penetrates clients’ brand awareness.

A jar of pickle juice

What ingredients are in a brine? The minimum includes salt, sugar, vinegar, and water. Similarly, the 4 Ps of marketing are product, price, place, and promotion. While those are the fundamental elements, there is always room for a add a dash of other spices before or after the brine. There are many creative options to choose from when selecting the components of your marketing plan. The brine is only one part of the preparation process, albeit an essential one for relationship building and brand awareness.

What can I do to make an effective brine? A brine can take shape in the form of varying messaging options utilizing both short-term and long-term marketing. Short-term marketing, although usually focused on bursts of flavor, is still part of the long-term strategy. The idea is to have your audience build familiarity with your brand over time. This can be in the form of indirect marketing such as product placement, loyalty programs, or a superb blog.

If you are wondering what the right blend of salt and spices is for your marketing brine, talk to Sonic Promos and we will help select the right ingredients for increasing your brand awareness and brand recognition.

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