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Second Helping Episode 3: Charcoal vs. Gas: The Age-old Debate

In this episode of Grill’a Marketing, Seth addresses the age-old debate of charcoal vs. gas. Some clients want to achieve the authenticity and smoky aroma of charcoal. Other clients want the ability to exercise the speed and control only gas can deliver. Charcoal is ideal for low and slow cooking that provides a depth of flavor that cannot be matched. Nevertheless, gas should not be underestimated as it affords a consistent temperature and offers a dependable result. Acknowledging that not all clients have the same needs, Sonic Promos thrives on providing adaptable services and a comprehensive approach:

Two grills sit side by side. One is labeled charcoal and the other is labeled gas.


If you are cooking with charcoal, you know it can sometimes be challenging to realize the perfect attention-grabbing message. Authentic charcoal flavor takes time, but consumers will appreciate the genuine, deeper connection that a thoroughly planned campaign can create. On the other hand, if you are cooking with gas, you have greater control and the ability to adjust and adapt your messaging quickly. Consumers appreciate a message that can be tailored and modified in accordance with their changing needs.

Whichever method your brand strategy or next campaign requires, Sonic Promos can help. We know that a brand’s marketing mix requires a wide array of both low and slow and precision-oriented techniques. Through end-to-end program services, Sonic supports your campaign from development through delivery. We know that “effective marketing requires control and precision” as well as authentic messaging. No matter what combination of marketing capabilities you are looking for, talk to Sonic and we can give it to you however you want.

Grill Master Tip: Participate in the Sonic Promos BBQ Test Kitchen Survey. Further instruction and a taste of success will follow!

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