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Second Helping Episode 2: The Right Balance of Flavor for your Marketing Mix

In Episode 2 of Grill’a Marketing. Seth has a soon-to-be delicious opportunity in the form of uncooked chicken tenders. The goal is to produce delicious chicken while getting the greatest ROI from the time and effort he spends preparing it. Two preparation options are available, so Seth analyzes the attributes of each one to determine the best course of action:

Method ·        Targeted advertising

·        Engaging content

·        Thorough research

·        Strategic planning

·        Eye catching visuals

·        Catchy slogans

·        Effective social media

Function ·        Builds anticipation

·        Delivers comprehensive messaging

·        Adds instant bursts of flavor

·        Grabs attention

Result ·        A deeper connection with your audience ·        A buzz around your event or program
Pros ·        A lasting impression ·        Delivers quick results
Cons ·        Takes time ·        May not have a lasting impact


We can see that both marinating and adding a rub can lead to delicious chicken, but which does Seth choose? The answer is the option that is right at the time. Like a dry rub, short-term marketing has its merits. Short-term social media campaigns can lead to a larger audience and greater brand recognition. Nonetheless, they might not resonate with current customers or leave a lasting impact. In contrast, long-term marketing can lead to a deeper connection with consumers. That connection will not form, however, without considerable effort and patience. Selecting the right marketing campaign requires us to “find the balance between acquisition and retention.”

Keeping in mind Seth’s assertion that “effective marketing and communication can make all the difference,” it is imperative that marketers consider the goals of their respective campaigns before deciding upon the appropriate marketing mix. Sometimes choosing between two marketing mediums involves recognizing that each method has the potential to provide effective marketing and communication in its own way. It is up to us, as marketers, to do the in-depth consumer research that will help determine what marketing strategy audiences will be most receptive to at a given time. Choosing the right strategy is about optimizing the use of each marketing method available. “The key is finding the right balance.”

Grill Master Tip: If you’re marinating something boneless, make sure you get it out of there within two hours, otherwise it’s going to be really rubbery.

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