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Programs and company stores

what are programs:

Programs are ongoing marketing efforts. They give your prospects or recipients a multi-faceted experience with a branded product as the take-away piece.

You are probably already running some sort of a program if you have an employee rewards program, onboard new hires or send thank you gifts to sales prospects. 

Our digital program solutions  are scalable and can help you receive data and feedback on how the program is doing. You get to receive valuable information about your ROI and if you’re hitting your goals.

Three separate images are connected to one another with a dashed line. From left to right: a person in a suit is shaking hands with another person. Then a picture of a document that reads "new hire information" the third image shows a person opening a box and smiling in excitement
This shows a variety of screencaptures. The background image is of a gift card with different food delivery services. The second large image is of a tiled group of people all eating or enjoying food.

kinds of programs we offer:

  • Simple and redemption stores
  • Custom built stores
  • Catalog stores
  • Virtual wallets
  • Retail incentives

All of these include a hands-on team at Sonic Promos who will assist in set-up, management and can even work with you on customer service to the end users of the program. The best way to get an idea of our full range of options is to contact a Sonic Promos brand manager to go through your project needs.

Find out more about our solutions with our programs webinar:

See our company stores in action:

Simple Store:

Basic Company Store:

Advanced Company Store:

For working demos of our retail rewards and gift cards programs, reach out to us for codes and demo links!

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