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Need to prepare for 2023? Three consumer macro-trends we’re watching

Part of our job at Sonic Promos is to keep up with consumer and retail trends. While we are a business to business sales organization, we need to know what end users want so we can make our recommendations relevant to our clients. The appeal of branded merchandise is that it’s advertising that is seen over and over again—often for years. Research also shows that people will change their perception of a brand in a positive way after receiving a branded promo product and are more likely to use the services of that brand than if they do not receive an item.

In order to keep  a promo item in use, it has to be three things: timely, on-trend, and useful. If it doesn’t hit the right notes, it ends up in the trash.

So here are the macro-trends that we’re thinking about as we move through 2023 to help keep your promo products in front of customers.

First of all: consumers don’t want an item—they want an experience.  This trend was already popping up before the COVID pandemic but has reached new heights in the past few years. At Sonic Promos, we’re delivering experiences in a few different ways: our branded kitting services, online portals, and in-person event activations.

Part of that experience is also telling a story with the items you choose. Why are you giving away pens? Why did you choose that particular pen? Remember, promo items are seen over and over again and should invoke a memory or sentiment whenever they are seen. Make sure you are being consistent with the story of your swag.

The second big trend we see emerging are serious conversations about sustainable practices. Consumers are more conscious about their purchases than ever. Items shouldn’t just be reusable, they should have a clean and sustainable supply chain to reach them. We’re committed to sourcing more eco-friendly options that have a clean supply chain for our clients and providing transparency.

Finally, the third trend is quality. Fast fashion is out, quality is in. This is good news for marketers: a high quality items lasts a lot longer and gets used a lot more—giving your branding more impressions than ever. Sometimes that means that the pen you give away writes longer and smoother than the other guy’s pen. At Sonic Promos, we have the expertise to recommend those high quality, lasting items.

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