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Make Your Goals Stick!

January is commonly considered a month to reset our lives. After the hectic holidays, it’s a great time to rebalance and reflect on what we want to accomplish in the coming year. That is why so many people like to set some resolutions for themselves!

If your January includes some new goals, we have a couple of tips to make them stick:

1. Break your goals into realistic steps. If running a marathon is in your sights but you haven’t run since elementary school PE, ask yourself how you can get to the marathon realistically. Maybe you commit to training for a 5k in the spring, a half marathon in the summer and then a full marathon in the fall. Give yourself a ladder to success.

2. Don’t get discouraged by failure. To fail is to be human. A year is a long time and many things can happen along the way to achieving your goal. Dry January is a popular resolution this year but if you have a drink two weeks into the month, that’s okay! Take it as a small moment of human failure instead of throwing away your goals. Keep pushing forward.

3. Dream big. Yes, your goals should be realistic but it’s good to have big goals. The process of achieving them will make the taste of victory that much sweeter.

4. Write them down. Keep a journal, write your goals on a post-it note or in a checklist. Writing helps ideas stick around longer and you can go back to read them if you ever forget or feel discouraged by your progress.

5. Start now! It’s already January 3 and it’s still okay to make resolutions and goals now. Or in a week or in a month! Your goals do not have to wait for a brand new start–you can set the timeline.

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