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Second Helping Episode 4: Igniting Positive Change through Collaboration

In this episode of Grill’a Marketing, Seth explains how Sonic Promos contributes to sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. Like charcoal lights fire, companies like FedEx and UPS have ignited shipping programs designed to offset emissions produced by deliveries. Sonic believes in the power of collaborating with companies and programs that share a commitment to protecting the environment. The tables below depict the progress made in recent years by FedEx and UPS toward reducing carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions. The polar bear below depicts coolness.

A polar bear wearing a brown shirt and hat walks towards the camera holding a package in its hand
FedEx Fuel and Energy-saving Initiatives FY20 FY21 FY22
CO2e emissions avoided (metric tons)
FedEx Express aircraft fleet modernization 1,321,430 1,410,430 1,456,220
FedEx Fuel Sense (jet fuel) 1,055,690 629,289 125,139
FedEx Express vehicle fuel efficiency initiatives 315,519 352,867 385,000
Intermodal rail usage 232,557 598,003 619,950
Facility energy efficiency initiatives 193,492 147,231 160,392
On and off-site solar electricity generation 13,225 13,957 8,897
Total emissions avoided 3,131,913 3,151,77 2,755,597
UPS 2022 Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2022 2021 % Change (2022/2021) Base Year (2020)
Global CO2e emissions (metric tons)
Gross Scope 1, 2, and 3 33,339 35,808 (6.9)% 34,411
Total voluntary carbon offsets for carbon neutral shipping (337) (298) 13.1% (273)
Net Global CO2e Emissions 33,002 35,510 (7.1)% 34,138

Check out the FedEx 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report and the UPS 2022 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Report to view the above statistics or to learn more about how FedEx and UPS are innovating their operations to reduce their carbon footprints.

Global shipping leaders like FedEx and UPS invest in R&D geared toward streamlining their supply chains into more holistically ecofriendly systems and processes. Whether by using solar power and electric vehicles, or by reducing jet fuel consumption, the companies that ship packages for Sonic Promos are actively working toward carbon neutrality. A product ordered from Sonic will be brought to you by a company that is developing new and innovative ways to make your delivery as sustainable as possible. Companies like these offer programs that are striving to offset emissions and Sonic provides access to those programs and so many more. If your company is looking to make an impact, give us a call!

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