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Second Helping The Social Angle: Seth discusses this Series with an Industry Insider

Seth chatted with Vinny Driscoll; Digital Content Director of ASI, live on The Social Angle podcast. Seth talked about the strategy behind Grill’a Marketing and some of the many opportunities generated from the series. You can view The Social Angle podcast episode in its entirety here.

Below is an excerpt from the podcast episode:

SETH: Here’s a couple of quick stories. The best story I can give you was we sent out the spice tube to a

client. She requested the spice tube, followed up with her, asked her if she got it. She got it. She gave it

to her boss. Why did she give it to her boss? She didn’t own a grill. What did we do? We got her logo.

We put her logo on a branded grill. We went to go visit her. Gave her the grill. Got a meeting with eight

other people. Business. Business. Business opportunities. Huge. Second person we sent spice to, we got

another meeting with that person and six other people from her organization. Opportunity to meet all

different people in a bunch of different departments. New opportunity. New opportunity. New

opportunity. None of those people really are interested in ordering branded spices. None of them are

interested in barbecue marketing items. We’re using this as a way to get across who we are and what

we do because we’re in the marketing business. So we’re just using this a way to get through some of

the noise that a lot of people are making.


The stories that Seth shared illustrate how sending a prospect a sample can set forth a chain of events that generates leads and opportunities. Even though the first spice tube that Seth sent did not go to someone that owned a grill, the prospect gave it to their boss. The second tube that Seth sent to one person resulted in a meeting with seven people from varying departments in that organization.

Grill’a Marketing is just one of many types of successful promotional campaigns. If you would like to experience your own increase in brand awareness and lead generation, talk to Sonic Promos. We can help design a similar campaign or help you turn your own unique idea into a reality. Seth is leveraging Sonic Promos’ expertise in promotional marketing to encourage brand recognition and lead generation for Sonic Promos. We can do that for you too!

Seth says in the podcast, “There hasn’t been a time in all the years that we’ve done a self-promotion that we haven’t had a client repeat that entire promotion from start to finish.” He adds that you must have an objective, have good communication, have a plan, must follow up, and must have a call to action:

Grill Master Tip: Participate in the Sonic Promos BBQ Test Kitchen Survey. Further instruction and a taste of success will follow!

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