Second Helping Episode 14: The Season Finale

In this episode of Grill’a Marketing, Seth explains how to combine all the tools in our toolboxes to maximize our marketing impact and generate the opportunities and responses we look for. With a tip of the cap to his time as a kid at camp, Seth introduces the Mush Burger: This recipe is a holistic depiction of this season of Grill’a Marketing. It combines multiple diverse ingredients that when mushed together, form a comprehensive marketing mix. Seth folds the ingredients inside aluminum foil and places them directly on the coals for 5 minutes on each side. The excitement of taking the foil out of the fire and seeing the results is comparable to watching your marketing metrics skyrocket after implementing a well-crafted marketing plan. This season of Grill’a Marketing has covered a wide array of topics with each episode offering its own highlights and tips. The season premiere episode provided useful guidance about preventing perfectionism from stifling your efficiency. Episode 4 offered information about FedEx and UPS’s efforts toward achieving sustainable shipping practices. Episode 10 explains the benefit of daring to be different and trying an innovative marketing strategy. These are only a few of the many themes discussed in this season of Grilling Marketing. Now that this season of Grill’a Marketing is coming to a close, we hope that you found our grilling and marketing tips fun and informative. All of the techniques and tips discussed in Grill’a Marketing can accomplish goals separately. However, combining all the episodes’ methods and ideas together will form a comprehensive and most delicious marketing strategy. If you are looking for something fun and easy or if you are looking for something more challenging, talk to Sonic Promos. We can help you with both of those things! Thank you for your support! Grill Master Tip: Participate in the Sonic Promos BBQ Test Kitchen Survey. Further instruction and a taste of success will follow!