Second Helping Episode 5: Direct or Indirect? Bursts of Flavor or Low and Slow

In this episode of Grill’a Marketing, Seth explains how choosing between direct heat and indirect heat when grilling parallels choosing between direct and indirect marketing. Direct heat involves flames licking the food which provides bursts of flavor. Conversely, indirect heat offers low and slow cooking with the heat surrounding the food, creating a perfectly tender bite. Seth demonstrates how the direct heat method involves placing the food on the grill over the hot charcoal. He also shows us how the indirect heat method involves placing the food on the grill adjacent to the hot charcoal, rather than directly on top of it. Which method is better? Depending on what you are cooking, either method may be preferable. Direct heat is better for searing meats, or for grilling burgers, fish fillets, or boneless chicken breasts. Indirect heat is better for foods that are best grilled using the low and slow method such as whole chickens, ribs, or brisket. As in grilling, whether direct or indirect marketing is preferable depends on your desired outcome. Are you looking to attract new customers? Do you want to maintain brand loyalty? What is your timeline? Many factors compose a marketer’s strategic marketing plan. If immediate results are the goal, direct marketing is the preferred method. If building relationships with your customer base is part of your plan, indirect marketing is preferable. There are also disadvantages to each technique. Too much emphasis on direct marketing can overwhelm potential customers and push them toward competing brands. Comparatively, indirect marketing requires patience and cannot be relied upon for immediate revenue generation. Both methods can be highly profitable if implemented strategically. Whether you are looking for the sizzle of direct marketing or the slow buildup of indirect marketing, talk to our team and we can show you which way will work best. Participate in the Sonic Promos BBQ Test Kitchen Survey. Further instruction and a taste of success will follow!