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This Week at Sonic Promos 4.23.13

This week at Sonic Promos, we're working on...

... tote bags and T-shirts for National Family Planning.

... lots of colorful T-shirts for several Jewish communities participating in J-Serve, the international day of Jewish youth service, this year on April 28th. Every year, Sonic Promos partners with BBYO to organize a national T-shirt design and fulfill orders for communities across the country. We are thrilled to have assisted 14 cities this year.

... and various gift items for Wilmer Hale.

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Tuesday, 04 August 2020
"There once was a company called Sonic
Had nothing to do with booms – how ironic
If it’s creative ideas that you seek
With branding advice far from weak
Then this promo firm is just the tonic (and gin).
-Rebecca C.