Another staff interview for you this morning! Debbie's up to bat today.

You may not know Debbie personally, but if you've done any work with Sonic in the last decade, I guarantee you've seen her name. Debbie Bostin is Sonic's head Customer Service Manager/Production Manager, and we'd be lost without her. Your orders would likely be lost too... literally.

So, next time you receive an order acknowledgment or a tracking number from her, shoot her an email back to let her know she's THE BEST (inside joke- you'll see below).

Meet Debbie:

How long have you been working at Sonic Promos?
Nine years, but it seems like just yesterday that I started...

What role(s) do you play here?
I'm Sonic's head Customer Service Manager. Basically, that means I make sure all orders get done correctly. I handle every step that occurs between sending in the purchase order and sending the client their tracking number.

Best part of the job?
Well- I must tell the truth on this- I work from home. I have to say, that's the biggest perk to the job. I also enjoy that I get to talk and interact with all sorts of people throughout the day, and I really love making sure every project gets done perfectly.

Worst part of the job?
Hmm, this is tough. I think the worst part of the job is dealing with UPS and FedEx. Sadly, they cause me tons of grief. I would really love to explain to every client that I have zero control once an order goes out for delivery. I try to intervene, I really do, but once a shipment is on the truck, there never seems to be anything they can do. They should really hire me- I truly think I could fix them and get packages where they need to go- but that's a conversation for another day.

What's your favorite kind of project to work on?
My favorite kind of project to work on is one in which the item is created overseas. Those projects are typically really big in size with intricate design. It takes a lot of work to make sure everything goes smoothly- organizing pre-production samples and reviewing detail after detail. It's really exciting to oversee the process from start to finish, especially getting to see the final result.

What do your coworkers love to tease you about?
Oh my, the list is endless. My age (I'm the oldest employee at Sonic), that I yell at everyone, that I type in all caps, that I repeat myself all the time, that I think everything is the BEST, that I love Fridays, and so much more.

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