Morning, readers! Time to meet another new Sonic sales rep- Courtney Cunningham out of Nashville, Tennessee!

I know we've shared a lot of staff interviews lately- we're just excited about our newest colleagues- but I promise we'll get some client projects and product information in the mix here shortly!

Meet Courtney:

How long have you been working at Sonic Promos?
I started with Sonic at the end of January, so I'm still new-ish.

What role(s) do you play here?
I am a Sales and Branding Consultant. I help clients find that perfect product to elevate their marketing program. Additionally, I make it my personal responsibility to teach the team all my southern-isms. They're still learning, bless their hearts.

Best part of the job?
There are too many "best parts"- great coworkers, being able to hang out with my dog, working with a dynamic client base that really stretches my abilities.

Worst part of the job?
Since I work remotely from Nashville, if I have a week that doesn't include several client visits, I find myself getting a little cabin fever. Small price to pay for such a great gig, though!

What's your favorite kind of project to work on?
I love doing employee gifts- it's a challenge, but it's always rewarding, and it allows me to think outside of the box.

What do your coworkers love to tease you about?
Well, we're still in the honeymoon phase, but so far, it's been my bracket picks for the NCAA basketball tournament (which I deserved). That, and my redneck tendencies (which I also deserve).

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