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Sonic Staff: Meet Caitlin

We've welcomed a few new members to the Sonic team recently. Please read on to learn more about one of them- Caitlin Fisher. 

Meet Caitlin:

How long have you been working at Sonic Promos?
I've only been working here for two months so far, but it has been great! I just graduated from UMBC in December, so Sonic is my first real office experience. It's certainly different than previous jobs I've worked- which have mainly been restaurants- but I'm enjoying every minute!

What role(s) do you play here?
I am a Sales and Marketing Assistant. Technically, I am Jamie's assistant, but I also manage some of my own accounts and help other sales reps when they need it. In essence, I help where help is needed.

Best part of the job?
I love the small company atmosphere and being able to know and directly speak with whomever I need to. I also enjoy the ability to be creative with projects and find awesome products that I know people will love. Who doesn't enjoy making others happy?

Worst part of the job?
It was tough coming in with no prior experience or real connections. Prospecting for new business is tough when you do not have many connections in the business world. Since I've started, I've already had several opportunities to network which has been great.

What's your favorite kind of project to work on?
I enjoy working on open-ended projects. For example, a client informs us of a particular event and wants help/ideas. I like to put my own flair into things and be creative in finding the perfect products/displays/ideas for that client and their event.

What do your coworkers love to tease you about?
Nothing, as of yet. I'm sure it's coming. :-)

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