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Need It Yesterday? Introducing PastTrack

Sonic Promos proudly announces the most significant breakthrough in the promotional marketing world since the invention of the silk screen. For the first time ever, clients will finally have the ability to get things when they really need them – yesterday.
PastTrackImage Custom
“Not a week goes by that we don’t field calls from marketing teams who have waited beyond the last minute to order their custom printed products,” explained Seth Weiner, Sonic Promos President. “Up until now, a three hour RUSH production and overnight delivery was considered about the best anyone could do.”

For the folks on the front lines – those with trade shows opening in minutes, award ceremonies just hours away, or the big race packet pickup that began at 6 a.m. - the ability to get custom decorated items the day before they remember they’re needed has a significant impact.

Seth goes on to explain, “We generally encourage people to allow 10-14 days for ordering customized goods, since almost anything can be done in that timeline. With this new PastTrack technology, if a client needed their pens at last night’s meeting, we can make it happen. No more needing to bolt out of the conference room in a panic – now, those absent minded organizers can just wait until after the event is over to place an order – that’s what I call total stress elimination!”

Amazingly, the PastTrack service has no impact on the price of the custom items. However, Weiner cautions potential users to keep the minimum shipping charge of $10,000.00 in mind when placing orders.

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