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Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center

Well, hello there! Hope you're having a superb Thursday. As promised last week, I'm back to share another favorite project from 2014. Really, a series of projects. Several of these projects are winter-themed, so truly my procastination in typing up this post is more like a timely and intentional scheduling for the month of January. I am very good at this blogging thing.
Bear Creek Mascot Scarf Custom
Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center in Berks County, Pennsylvania kept us pretty busy last year. And we were happy to help! Before I move on to sharing the materials we produced for them, I have to brag a bit about this resort. During the winter (as in, right now... GO!), they offer skiing, snowboarding and tubing. When the weather warms up, you can hike, boat, and play golf of the disc and, um, golfball varieties. And, as the name suggests, it's a great location for your next corporate conference or retreat. Check out their website for more information! 

Now to discuss promotional items. You know, what you came here for.
Bear Creek Decals 1
Bear Creek Decals 2
We produce a lot of decals for Bear Creek. Some of them are given to resort guests, and others are distributed to local ski shops and ski centers.
Bear Creek Sail Sign
Bear Creek Disc Bag
Bear Creek Umbrella Scarf Lanyard
We also provide a number of items for their youth programs and sale merchandise for the gift shop. You might recognize that seat cushion from this blog post discussing their chair lift seat promotion at Coca-Cola Park last year. We even created a special scarf for their bear mascot; see the photo at the top of this post.

Thank you, Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center for the opportunity to work with you. And to all of our blog readers, please consider booking yourself a winter vacation!

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