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A Unique Storage Idea

Between random samples, showroom samples, client projects and our personal water bottles and tumblers, there is a lot of drinkware floating around 435 East Diamond Avenue. Some pieces find their way onto a showroom shelf or to a corner in the office kitchen, but most of them get tossed into jumbled boxes and storage containers.

Julianne spotted a smart storage solution on a blog yesterday, and we just might have to put it in practice.

We thought our clients and readers- especially those with crowded supply closets- might appreciate this trick as well. Enjoy!

All photos from Spinning Our Webb- thanks for sharing this great tip, Heather!

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Tuesday, 04 August 2020
"Jay is just outstanding. He cares about his customer and delivers inventive quality products 100% of the time. He never thinks about his profit before the need of the customer- no matter how small the job is. He's got my business!"
-Tara L.