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2024 gold pyramid award
2023 silver peake award:

25 year anniversary 90's nostalgia

Part one: Mixtape Speaker

Founded in 1997, we took advantage of high nostalgia for the 90s to celebrate our 25th anniversary with 90s themed self-promo mailings to our current qualifying clients.

Our first mailing featured the Awesome Mixtape Bluetooth Speaker. Designed to look like a cassette tape with a cassette case, we  branded it to look like a real mixtape. The insert song list was based on 90s songs with our promo twist: “Ship Me Baby One More Time,” “That Brand is Mine,” and “My Art Will Go On.” The insert also had a Spotify code. When scanned, the recipient would be taken to our 90s Playlist.

We inserted the mixtape speaker into a bubble mailer printed with a boombox image. A folded insert card was designed like a music magazine cover. Inside the card was an ad modelled after AOL print ads asking recipients to “Get Online With Sonic Promos.” Opposite the ad, the copy told our story: how Sonic Promos was founded; where we were now as a company; and asking the recipient to help us celebrate our 25-year anniversary. The folded card also had our Spotify playlist code printed on it.

Sonic Promos 90's mixtape

Part two: Dolly the Sheep

Part two: Dolly the Sheep

For our second mailing, we used two 90s events: the cloning of Dolly the Sheep and the Beanie Babies craze.

Utilizing our newly recorded webinar featuring online programs we offer, we encouraged our clients to “clone” our programs. A plush sheep with a custom hangtag naming it “Dolly” and a QR code took the recipient to a landing page with our webinar and program demos. We included a “Sonic Promos Client Club” button on a custom backer “membership” card for the Sonic Promos client club.

Button and sheep were in a custom mailer box decorated like a Beanie Baby member kit. Inside the lid, we printed the inspiration for the mailing and the QR code again.

Part three: Pick your 90s style

We then brought back classic 90s fashion pieces that are trendy again: bucket hats and fanny packs. The Tommy Hilfiger logo was iconic both in the 90s and now. This time we let our clients tell us if they wanted an item, which introduced them to our redemption store platform. Each client was emailed a single-use code to an online redemption portal with an invitation to “Tell Us Your 90s Style.” In the portal, we had three options: a branded bucket hat, a branded fanny pack, or a “The 90s Weren’t My Style” option.

Potential recipients received three emails prompting them to choose from the portal. Once redeemed, we removed those clients to avoid spamming them with unnecessary mail. The portal closed on December 2 at which point we submitted the order. Once the finished products arrived at Sonic Promos, we packaged them in custom “I Love the 90s” poly mailers and shipped to each recipient.

Sonic Promos pick your 90's style

2023 Peake Award: Southern Management Companies Collaboration, Card Deck

Sonic Promos sample cards Peake
Sonic Promos Peake Awards

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